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To Be The Best You Have To Sacrifice

Maxed Out Muscles

Is there anything in this world that you want more than everything else? Then you must be willing to place it above everything else.

That just seems like common sense, right? Let’s say you want to be the best boxer in the world, and you want to be as good as boxing legends such as Mike Tyson and Muhammed Ali, but you aren’t willing to give up drinking three out of 7 days a week. I promise you, you will see results but they will remain subpar compared to giving it your all and giving up drinking Thursday through Friday.

I was driving home and I thought about my own journey with lifting weights and nutrition. I personally want to be the best I can be with these things, and I have pretty much given up hanging out with friends and trying to get girls. This probably sounds crazy, but…

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6 Tips For Outsmarting Your Genetics

A great article with some very helpful tips. Applicable to many people’s workouts and diets.

One person died while working on the new Vikings stadium

Turning My Life Into a Pinterest Board // Fitness.

I think Brey has some great ideas here and its all well-written.

Ordinary Adventures

For the past few months, my workout routines have been stop and go, love and hate. I’ve been trying out easy ideas, skipping days, and overall, not gaining any ground. I’ve come to realize that what I’ve been pushing myself to do is too sporadic, not what I enjoy, and not challenging me in the ways that I want. For this new season, I am determined to find a workout routine that is a good fit for me.

I’m not looking to lose weight or be our contemporary ideal of “skinny”. I’m looking to be strong, fit, empowered. I want a well rounded, energizing, strengthening workout routine. And especially one that I can keep up with. Working full time, blogging part time, being a wife, puppy mom, house warmer, and so on, is a lot to take on. I want to make being healthy a priority, both in the gym and…

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When Life Hands You A Potato – Make Vodka

None of this, “If life hands you lemons, make lemonade” crap. Please. First of all, lemons aren’t a horrible fruit. Even my kids eat them as if they are oranges. Hell, candy stores even make giant sour candy balls. If lemons are so bad, why do people want candy that tastes like them? Now potatoes, who the heck eats raw potatoes? Nobody. Do you know why . . . because they taste like ass. I certainly have never seen a potato-flavored jelly bean.

So the assumption is that life can deal you a bad hand. I’m not denying that one bit. When I associate a food with bad luck, it certainly isn’t a pretty yellow lemon. Its going to be a food that plainly tastes horrible and is ugly. What food is that? A freaking potato.  An ugly, dirt-brown, grown in the dirt potato. My husband was dealt a bad hand growing up, him and I have experienced multiple baby deaths, and our financials, like most people, are in a constant disarray. Life didn’t hand us no potato, life gave us a mountain of potatoes.imagesK1EVPW5OWe don’t take these potatoes and throw them in a corner. We, like the analogy says, took those ugly-ass potatoes and turned them into a kick-ass, good enough to drink alone, vodka!

You can’t go wrong with vodka. How hard is it, really, to make your own potatoes? I researched this and found a lovely site on DIY vodka with an article called, ” Home Distillation of Alcohol “. I had no idea that Schnapps is also made from potatoes. Very interesting. The process seems simple enough, but time-consuming and a lot of trial and error and using different barleys.

Just like life, we take our bad times and we learn from them. This may not be after the first attempt. We may stumble, but after some time we take the good with the bad and find what works. Eventually we see how something as ugly as a potato can turn into something quite lovely – a chocolate-covered cherry martini. Mmmmmm.

53ae1caed33f55d9e10ce408be82ed93But if life does throw in some lemons, they will end up in my Lemondrop.

Never Lose Hope.


Bright Cellars

I Likey


You probably remember a while back my post about the Boston based subscription company called Bright Cellars, a wine subscription company, my favorite of all of the monthly subscription boxes I receive. They sent me a complimentary box to review for the blog which I loved & we decided to partner up again (no brainer, I know)!  I will be the first to admit, I LOVE (red) wine but know very little about it – besides red/white and a little about the stereotypes of each kind (from my bar-tending career).

This is where Bright Cellars comes in, it’s a company launched by two MIT graduates whose goal was to introduce “hidden gems” (non mainstream wines) to you each month, they know you will love them because they created a “quiz” which matches your taste preferences using a bright points algorithm GENIUS I know… I tell you these MIT kids think…

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The weight of the wait

Candidkay is very candid. She says what we are thinking.


Businessman with a huge resume sitting in line with other candidates at a job interview

“At times life seems an enormous waiting room with no destination, in which some walk stiffly to and fro, waiting for the pain to stop. Others wait for something good to happen. Still others fear that something bad will begin. The driven plan while they wait. I am each of them.

It is such a struggle, always has been, for each of us to settle deep enough into the wait, into the weight till we discover that there’s nowhere to go.”

So says the wise Mark Nepo in his “The Book of Awakening.”

As I read this the other night, I had entered a period of waiting.

Waiting to see what will happen with my work contract at a time I see others being let go.

Waiting to see what will become of a relationship that makes me very happy right now.

Waiting to see how my eldest will handle…

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Those Morning Walks: Time of Reflecting

This morning was absolutely gorgeous, in fact, it is still absolutely spirit-lifting beautiful out – sunshine, blue skies, a little breeze- ahhhhh. The fresh air does wonders for both myself and my kids.

sky    Mornings like these are hard to come by due to many different reasons – kids fighting, feeding the baby, laundry, dishes, and life’s daily eventsrose. I chose to use a picture of a rose I came upon during my walk. Kenley was busy watching a worm in a puddle squirming and Sawyer was busy watching Kenley in her excitement. I only wish I had a better camera to capture the morning dew drops on the leaves surrounding the rose. Even more important, I couldn’t capture the wonder and amazement my daughters have in watching something as simple as a worm – fighting to survive.


I was able to enjoy nature with my girls, envelope myself with God’s grace – blessing us with a healthy family.                                                         walk2

It has been many years since I thought about how thankful I am. I had a 6-week old baby girl, Madison, who had a severe congenital heart defect about 15 years ago meet Jesus. I had 2 healthy, rambunctious boys at the time. I remember taking a walk outside with them on a day like today and seeing these beautiful yellow and purple spring flowers blooming. On that day, I distinctly remember how I saw those flowers in a different and eye-opening way. I was humbled.

Life here is temporary people, but glorious. I think we need to see every day, no matter the weather, of how wonderful, magical, and a blessing bestowed on us. If only all of us could see our own daily lives in amazement – like a child. How lucky they are!

Have a magical day!

Starbucks adds wine and beer to menu

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